Your Property Portfolio Perspective

When you think of selling a property portfolio, what image comes to your mind? Do you see someone who is about to cash in after many years of profitable work and is now ready to settle down for a comfortable and stress-free retirement? Ah, those sunset days tinted rosy red and pink…

Despite the romantic notions often connected with the popular perception of property, many investors can testify to the cold, hard fact that owning and managing property is not that easy!

What if you are an investor faced with the reality of a problem property portfolio? What if your situation makes you feel trapped, almost suffocated? What if all you want is a way out, but you cannot find an answer to the question “How can I sell my property portfolio and be free from this nightmare?”

A matter of property portfolio perspective

Some investors want to sell their property portfolio but, as investors themselves, consider their portfolio as unsellable. They can see all too clearly issues like negative equity, untenanted properties and rent arrears. Add to that unpaid service charges and ground rent and you may be looking at a property portfolio disaster.

One lady we spoke with recently had a portfolio of 13 flats in a single block – 7 of these flats were untenanted. The problem? She couldn’t afford to do repairs and let the flats because she was paying out a fortune in council tax each month! She was one of many we talk to who say to themselves: “I need to sell my property portfolio… but who in their right mind would buy it?”

Fast Buying Decisions and Problem Property Portfolios

Despite the issues listed above, there is still a good chance that we could buy your property portfolio as is, ‘warts and all’. Talk to us. We’ll make you an offer quickly.  We can provide real-life examples of how we have been able to assist landlords who thought they were going to be stuck with their portfolio for a long time to come.  For some investors asking “How can I sell my property portfolio?” the goal isn’t to retire with untold riches; the goal is to solve a problem. We are expert at property portfolio problem solving.

How do we buy property portfolios?

We are not a below market value company; we agree a fair price that reflects the true value of your portfolio. However, in return, and depending on your situation, we may well ask for one thing; time.

So when you ask “Can I sell my property portfolio when all I can see are problems?” the answer is ‘probably, yes’.

Our aim is to reach an agreement which means your problems instantly come to an end. How? Working with you, we become responsible for your mortgage payments. We become responsible for the service charges, ground rent and any arrears. We will become responsible for finding tenants and for all of the obligations and legal requirements associated with this and managing tenants in an efficient way. In effect we become the landlord and step into your shoes to fulfil every duty and obligation that used to fall to you.

At the end of this agreement, or at any time during it, we will buy your property portfolio for the price that was set out in a solicitor-approved contract from day one. Does that sound like a sensible solution to you?

So whatever situation you may be in, if you are asking “Can I sell my property portfolio?” the chances are that we can say Yes, and provide a custom-made solution that fits your needs. Why not talk with us today?