Time to Sell Your Property Portfolio?

Many investors will have started their property journey with a clear goal in mind. The aim is simple; build a property portfolio and enjoy the income that this generates. There then comes the time when all investors ask “Should I sell my property portfolio?”

There are those investors who have achieved their goals and they go on to sell their property portfolio and reap the rewards of a long and restful retirement.

Then there are others, those for whom the dream didn’t quite come true and are now experiencing a ‘portfolio nightmare’ and can see no end in sight. If this last sentence sounds somewhat like your situation, you can be assured that you are not alone.

It is often the case that when investors hit troubles there seems to be no escape and the question “How can I sell my property portfolio and walk away?” is a common one.

Why Some Sell Their Property Portfolio

There are many investors still reeling from the drop in house prices and can see no way to walk away when they have such significant negative equity. There are those with a property portfolio who, despite their best effort, are unable to generate sufficient cash flow. Non paying tenants, service charges, ground rent, mortgage payments and maintenance; the list can seem never ending and it is as if you need a bottomless pit of money to put this all right!

Many people don’t realise that there are still viable options. Even if the tide seems completely against you, you can still sell your property portfolio and release some of the stress and strain that it may be causing you.

Our site lists examples of where we have assisted landlords in a variety of situations. If you are thinking “Can I sell my property portfolio?” and even if you feel your circumstances are different to those described, getting in touch with us could still turn out to be one of the wisest decisions you have made.