The Chance Card and Your Property Portfolio…

I am sure each of us can remember playing Monopoly as a child. The thrill was in acquiring a thriving property portfolio of little green houses, and even seeing red hotels spring up in the hope that you could take as much rent from your opponent as possible.

Do you remember the dreaded ‘chance’ card though? The one that required you to carry out repairs on all of your properties? For many that was a game ender!  Even in the game the option was there for a player to consider the question “Is now the time to sell my property portfolio?”

Of course Monopoly was just a game but in many ways it does mirror real life and the position you can find yourself in as a property investor and owner of a property portfolio.

Your property portfolio – and the chance card

For many the question, “should I sell my property portfolio?” arises as they are dealt a poor ‘chance’ card in real life. There are many investors who can see the number of maintenance issues growing and growing and their funds to resolve these issues gradually eroding away.

The issues may start off as minor but you simply seem to lack the required funds to put them right. You think that your tenant understands but the next thing you know your local housing officer has been invited to take a look… and suddenly you have page after page of issues that must be resolved within their timescales.

It is not uncommon for these repairs to run into hundreds or even thousands of pounds, and that is just for one property. What if you have other properties that you can see heading the same way? For many that is the trigger-moment when they realise, “I need to sell my property portfolio now”.

Selling? We can buy your property portfolio

The next issue is how to find a reliable buyer.  By reaching our site you are already well on your way because, guess what? This dreaded ‘chance’ card is one we have dealt with before. We can step in and take on your problem properties. That would put an end to the strain and stress that they bring you. Over the years we have built up excellent relationships with many local councils and can work with them within their timescales and ensure that all works are completed to the proper standard. The headache and the challenge become ours, not yours. This is a solution we are well equipped to deliver.

If you own a portfolio which needs work you are struggling to fund, why risk that ‘chance’ card wrecking your game? Why not seriously consider the question, “Can I sell my property portfolio?” and get in touch to see how we can help.