How to Find a Single Buyer for your Property Portfolio

Fergus and Judith Wilson… much has been written about them of late, they have even been dubbed Britain’s ‘buy to let king and queen’. Having toyed with the idea of selling their huge property portfolio for several years they are now realising their exit strategy and dismantling their empire to cash in.

News first began to emerge of the couple’s plans to sell their property portfolio back in 2008. Many property investors will remember this year with little fondness. The financial crisis was truly upon us and, like many, even the Wilsons were up against it and seemed trapped by their portfolio.

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Are You a Professional with a Property Portfolio?

Many of the landlords contacting us through our website are professional people, successful in their chosen career, but with neither penchant nor passion for property.  Does that sound like you?

What is your experience in managing property portfolios?

Your personal experience may have reinforced the fact that owning a property portfolio is not as passive as it was sold to be. In other words, property portfolio ownership becomes, for many professionals, a distraction. The reason for this is quite simple: without the proper attention and focus, a property portfolio can become an unwelcome dictator of expenditure rather than a desired generator of passive income. It’s difficult to pay proper attention to a career, and a to property portfolio at the same time.

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