Problem Property Portfolio? We Buy Pain-less Portfolios Too!

Here at Sell My Property Portfolio we often talk about assisting those with problem portfolios and providing them the freedom to move on.  Whilst we relish the challenge of taking on problem property portfolios we much prefer the satisfaction of turning those problem portfolios around.  One tired landlord recently described our portfolio service as ‘property paracetamol’.  It certainly solved his headache.

We’d like to place it on record, however, that we actually quite like problem-free property portfolios too!

What you want from us – we buy property portfolios

As property professionals we understand that there will be certain essential things that you, as a portfolio owner, will be looking for when selling your property portfolio. Here they are:

  • You want to deal with experienced landlords who understand your property
  • You will (probably) want the maximum price possible – but surprisingly that is not always at the top of the list
  • You will want discretion
  • You will want time scales that suit you – and delivery when promised
  • You will be looking for full transparency

At Sell My Property Portfolio we have made those aims core to our whole approach. So if you are still thinking “how do I sell my property portfolio?” get in touch now for a free no obligation consultation. Selling your portfolio, problem or not, may be much simpler than you ever imagined.