Portfolio of Buy to Let Properties For Sale?

If you knew you could sell your portfolio of buy to let properties without any drama, fuss or cost… would you? What if all of those reasons you believed were hurdles to selling success suddenly became selling points?

What if an experienced landlord-buyer sat down with you, listened to what you wanted, then took good care to conduct due diligence and created a tailored buying solution?

What if that buyer were able to pay what you wanted for the portfolio even if that meant paying today’s full market value? Does that sound like something that may make selling your portfolio of buy to let properties more straightforward?

Sell Your Buy to Let Properties to Us? Why?

We are experienced landlord-buyers of portfolios of buy to let properties
•    We are actively looking for property portfolios across the UK now
•    We do not rely on bank finance to acquire property portfolios
•    We are able to self-fund property portfolio acquisitions
•    We often buy to schedule – we agree to buy at a future date and fully manage the buy to let portfolio until then
•    Our guaranteed rent approach when we buy to schedule means you never have to worry about another mortgage payment
•    Maximum price (full market value) can be achieved – at no cost to you
•    In some cases we can release some or all of your equity immediately in a lump sum payment
•    We often deal with zero and even negative equity property portfolios
•    We deal direct with you the seller, no intermediaries or Chinese whispers

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