Estate Agents – Are you Selling a Property Portfolio?

Selling a Property Portfolio – The Challenge

Estate agents – how do you deal with a landlord who wants to sell all or part of a Buy-To-Let Portfolio without fuss or drama and at a reasonable price and pace?

In our experience of working with many estate agents throughout the country getting-to-grips with selling a property portfolio can turn out to be the proverbial ‘elephant in the room…’ what is the best way to sell it?

Well, whilst the idea of the commissions from sale might be attractive, the work entailed can be quite daunting… Now, let’s add to the workload those inevitable questions about capital gains tax, the challenge of managing landlord expectations when selling portfolios is not your forte and tuning in to the fundamentally different approach of the portfolio buyer (when compared to the more often met home-buyer), selling a property portfolio can quickly slip off your priority list.  You may even start to question if it’s all really worthwhile. You will know that on average it can take an estate agent more than 9 months to sell a property portfolio of 5 or more connected units!  We have dealt with portfolios of 25 and more that had not been sold in 3 years!

What if There Were an Easier Way to Sell Portfolios?

So, what if you could make one call to a company whose directors have many years of specialist experience in this field; a company that works with and understands the needs of both client and independent estate agent?

Simply stated, we buy property portfolios and if you have a client who is selling, then we are ready, willing and able to help.

The way we work is straightforward. We buy for ourselves, sometimes cash with a discount, and sometimes at full market value, depending on the seller’s needs and willingness to consider alternatives to a quick hard cash deal. We can and do buy portfolios in negative equity or with rent arrears. If the portfolio isn’t for us, we have connections it will suit.

Discretion is key to what we do. We operate seamlessly and in concert with you to simplify the process and create a bespoke sales solution for your client. Sound good? The reality is even better.

What this means for you is a superb result: an efficient sale, in good time and a single point of contact with a genuine and discreet portfolio buyer. In fact, you may have just stumbled upon the best way to sell a property portfolio today.