Sell a Property Portfolio in Negative Equity?

Have you reached that point in your property journey where you are asking yourself “Should I sell my property portfolio?” For many investors there comes a time when the answer is a definite “yes,” but they do not know the best way to go about this. Perhaps your property portfolio has properties that are in significant negative equity. For many that can be a stumbling block when considering the question “How do I sell my property portfolio?”

Sell My Property Portfolio with Negative Equity? Is it Possible?

The issue of negative equity may make selling you property portfolio seem overly complicated; the thought of having to sell properties individually and then being stuck with those that are a headache is hardly appealing!

What if there were a way whereby you could sell your property portfolio as exactly that, a portfolio, with no need to worry about how you were going to deal with those problem properties separately?

Well, surprisingly to many people, there is a way to do just that!

We appreciate that for many investors questioning “Should I sell my property portfolio?” the issue of negative equity seems insurmountable. For us, however, it is not an issue. Unlike many, we consider the bigger picture and look at the longer term, meaning that we can still assist you with selling your property portfolio when most other potential portfolio buyers cannot. We are experienced in dealing with the issue of negative equity and can offer a free consultation, without obligation, to show you exactly how we can help.

So if the question “can I sell my property portfolio?” is still one that you are considering, why not get in touch? You may be pleasantly surprised.