Portfolio Rental Properties – The Best Way to Sell Rental Portfolios

This article is aimed specifically at people who are considering selling their property portfolio rental properties.

Portfolio Rental Properties

If you’ve already decided to sell your portfolio of investment or rental properties you will be thinking about the best way to do that. On the one hand, you may be looking for ease of disposal and speed, but on the other, your investment property portfolio has taken time and money to build up, and you want the best price.  It’s a question of balance, and priorities. Should you sell everything to a single portfolio buyer at a knock-down price, or would you be better off selling at a slower pace in parcels to multiple buyers? What if you could find a single investment portfolio buyer and a good price? 

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Property Portfolio Tax Changes

This article relates to property portfolio tax changes.

Cherie Booth QC and Landlords’ Human Rights

Cherie Booth (her professional name, better known as Cherie Blair) announced in 2016 the launch of a legal battle to protect UK landlords’ human rights. The Chancellor George Osborne is infringing the human rights of Britain’s landlords with a planned tax change, she said. More recently her case was dismissed as one that was ‘bound to fail.’  Let’s take a look at some of the background and what the results mean for landlords with leveraged portfolios.

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Portfolio Pressure No More! And Some Warm Words

Nikki came to us in the middle of 2015 with a portfolio of 4. She knew we specialised in buying problem portfolios, and wanted to test us out.  The properties she brought us must have been the four ugly ducklings of property investment… One needed a complete refurbishment, another had a huge monthly mortgage and there was a solid case of negative equity with minimal cashflow…

After some discussion and a preliminary, ugly offer for the four ducklings, Nikki confessed to a much larger property portfolio and put most of it on the table. Now we had 15 properties to consider, with a geographic spread of 300 miles. This was much more interesting!

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Estate Agents – Are you Selling a Property Portfolio?

Selling a Property Portfolio – The Challenge

Estate agents – how do you deal with a landlord who wants to sell all or part of a Buy-To-Let Portfolio without fuss or drama and at a reasonable price and pace?

In our experience of working with many estate agents throughout the country getting-to-grips with selling a property portfolio can turn out to be the proverbial ‘elephant in the room…’ what is the best way to sell it?

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How to Find a Single Buyer for your Property Portfolio

Fergus and Judith Wilson… much has been written about them of late, they have even been dubbed Britain’s ‘buy to let king and queen’. Having toyed with the idea of selling their huge property portfolio for several years they are now realising their exit strategy and dismantling their empire to cash in.

News first began to emerge of the couple’s plans to sell their property portfolio back in 2008. Many property investors will remember this year with little fondness. The financial crisis was truly upon us and, like many, even the Wilsons were up against it and seemed trapped by their portfolio.

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Are You a Professional with a Property Portfolio?

Many of the landlords contacting us through our website are professional people, successful in their chosen career, but with neither penchant nor passion for property.  Does that sound like you?

What is your experience in managing property portfolios?

Your personal experience may have reinforced the fact that owning a property portfolio is not as passive as it was sold to be. In other words, property portfolio ownership becomes, for many professionals, a distraction. The reason for this is quite simple: without the proper attention and focus, a property portfolio can become an unwelcome dictator of expenditure rather than a desired generator of passive income. It’s difficult to pay proper attention to a career, and a to property portfolio at the same time.

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For Those About to Sell a Property Portfolio

For Property Portfolio Sellers: Our Modus Operandi

We are a team of professional, full time landlords looking to acquire residential property portfolios across the UK. One of the most important things to bear in mind is that we are not portfolio agents matching sellers with a database of buyers. In the first instance we are looking for acquisitions to add to our existing residential property portfolio.

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Selling a Tenanted Property Portfolio?

How to Sell a Tenanted Property Portfolio

If you have reached the stage where you want to sell a rental portfolio, then you could find yourself facing something of a dilemma.

Depending on the end buyer, residential investment property, unlike commercial assets, often sells best with vacant possession. If your properties are fully tenanted, life can become a little more difficult. You will know that any investor buying with tenant in place will typically be looking for at least a 10% markdown on the price that could be achieved if you sold with vacant possession.  The hard fact is you probably won’t be blessed with a long queue of buyers willing to adopt your tenants.

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More Property Portfolios Needed

If you have spent any time reviewing our website, you’ll have soon realised that we have quite an appetite for buying residential buy to let property portfolios.

We are actively seeking to buy more property portfolios throughout the UK now.

So if you are landlord and selling, could you let us know if your rental portfolio fits our wish-list below?

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Problem Property Portfolio? We Buy Pain-less Portfolios Too!

Here at Sell My Property Portfolio we often talk about assisting those with problem portfolios and providing them the freedom to move on.  Whilst we relish the challenge of taking on problem property portfolios we much prefer the satisfaction of turning those problem portfolios around.  One tired landlord recently described our portfolio service as ‘property paracetamol’.  It certainly solved his headache.

We’d like to place it on record, however, that we actually quite like problem-free property portfolios too!

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Portfolio of Buy to Let Properties For Sale?

If you knew you could sell your portfolio of buy to let properties without any drama, fuss or cost… would you? What if all of those reasons you believed were hurdles to selling success suddenly became selling points?

What if an experienced landlord-buyer sat down with you, listened to what you wanted, then took good care to conduct due diligence and created a tailored buying solution?

What if that buyer were able to pay what you wanted for the portfolio even if that meant paying today’s full market value? Does that sound like something that may make selling your portfolio of buy to let properties more straightforward?

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The Chance Card and Your Property Portfolio…

I am sure each of us can remember playing Monopoly as a child. The thrill was in acquiring a thriving property portfolio of little green houses, and even seeing red hotels spring up in the hope that you could take as much rent from your opponent as possible.

Do you remember the dreaded ‘chance’ card though? The one that required you to carry out repairs on all of your properties? For many that was a game ender!  Even in the game the option was there for a player to consider the question “Is now the time to sell my property portfolio?”

Of course Monopoly was just a game but in many ways it does mirror real life and the position you can find yourself in as a property investor and owner of a property portfolio.

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Your Property Portfolio Perspective

When you think of selling a property portfolio, what image comes to your mind? Do you see someone who is about to cash in after many years of profitable work and is now ready to settle down for a comfortable and stress-free retirement? Ah, those sunset days tinted rosy red and pink…

Despite the romantic notions often connected with the popular perception of property, many investors can testify to the cold, hard fact that owning and managing property is not that easy!

What if you are an investor faced with the reality of a problem property portfolio? What if your situation makes you feel trapped, almost suffocated? What if all you want is a way out, but you cannot find an answer to the question “How can I sell my property portfolio and be free from this nightmare?”

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Sell a Property Portfolio in Negative Equity?

Have you reached that point in your property journey where you are asking yourself “Should I sell my property portfolio?” For many investors there comes a time when the answer is a definite “yes,” but they do not know the best way to go about this. Perhaps your property portfolio has properties that are in significant negative equity. For many that can be a stumbling block when considering the question “How do I sell my property portfolio?”

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Time to Sell Your Property Portfolio?

Many investors will have started their property journey with a clear goal in mind. The aim is simple; build a property portfolio and enjoy the income that this generates. There then comes the time when all investors ask “Should I sell my property portfolio?”

There are those investors who have achieved their goals and they go on to sell their property portfolio and reap the rewards of a long and restful retirement.

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