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More Property Portfolios Needed

If you have spent any time reviewing our website, you’ll have soon realised that we have quite an appetite for buying residential buy to let property portfolios.

We are actively seeking to buy more property portfolios throughout the UK now.

So if you are landlord and selling, could you let us know if your rental portfolio fits our wish-list below?

➢    Size: From 2 to 200 – larger property portfolios depending on area
➢    Location: UK wide – geographically scattered portfolios welcomed
➢    Tenants: Subject to existing tenancies or vacant – cash-flow negative portfolios accepted
➢    Condition: Any – well maintained portfolios preferred
➢    Rental Arrears: Not a problem
➢    Value: From £200,000 up to £20m – negative equity property portfolios of keen interest

Of even more importance than bricks and mortar are the portfolio owners.  We are looking to tailor our purchase to your needs. Are you interested in the following?

➢    An efficient sale of your rental portfolio – we work at your pace and are transparent
➢    A fair price – we are not centred on deep discounts
➢    A range of portfolio buying strategies – to maximise the value for you

If you want to sell your property portfolio, there is a very good chance that we will buy.

So rather than just mulling over the question “How can I sell my property portfolio?” why not get in touch? Use the Contact Us Form here and one of us from the Sell My Property Portfolio team will be with you very soon.

Are You Thinking, ‘I Want to Sell My Property Portfolio’?

Have you ever found yourself thinking, ‘I want to sell my property portfolio… but I’m not sure which is the best way to do that’?

We all reach a certain stage in life where we are ready to kick back, relax and enjoy the benefits of all our hard work and selling a property portfolio can be a great way to accomplish this.  However, when the time comes for you to sell a property portfolio you may feel like you can’t. One of the reasons may be a capital gains tax bill which could quickly drown the profit from selling your property portfolio! What if it were possible to sell your property portfolio and legally mitigate your tax liability by following a planned, staged disposal? Of course, if you wanted a clean break then the buyer would need to manage and carry the responsibility for the portfolio until the staged purchase was completed.

We can help you sell your property portfolio with the minimum of fuss and a maximum return simply by staggering the disposal over an agreed time period.

Whether your property portfolio is modest or massive, we can help with planned strategies and systems that can unlock the most from your property.

What We at Sell My Property Portfolio Can Do for You

Firstly, we listen. Then, we will present a draft strategy – a disposal or sale plan. Of course, we will likely be the buyers. Our proposal may outline a flexible agreement which allows for a future planned, structured sale, if that works best for you. In the meantime, a management agreement betweeen us serves to relieve you of the everyday challenging landlord responsibilities you may prefer to be free of.

At this point the skeptic in you may be thinking. “Hmm, sounds a bit too good to be true if you ask me…” We would understand you thinking that. Look at it this way: Anything we are contracted to buy at a future time is treated as our own investment property from day one. That is a huge advantage. And because you are giving the advantage of time to us, we are highly motivated to make that time work for all of us. It’s much more than even the best lettings agents could offer.

We have touched on just one aspect of how looking at the sale of your property portfolio a little differently can bring huge benefits, but there are many more. Why not contact us via our form or call for a confidential chat about the options open to you.


Time to Sell My Property Portfolio?

Most landlords will at some point in their investment life ask that question. For the majority of us it’s just a natural part of the property investment journey. So – if you are asking, “Is it time to sell my property portfolio?” we hope you will find some useful information here.

Should I Sell My Property Portfolio Now?

If it is in your mind to sell, and that is part of your strategy, then what is stopping you?  Let’s take one of the most common hurdles as an example and consider it.

Sell My Property Portfolio

How Can I Sell My Property Portfolio? I Owe More Than it’s Worth!

One landlord recently came to us with a portfolio which had lost a considerable amount of capital value. Two of the flats were valued at £110,000 each when he purchased them from the developer as new builds in 2007.  Now they have a value of just £55,000 – a drop of 50%. That is uncommon, and of course in time it’s possible that values may rise again. But in the meantime the landlord wants to sell. How is that possible?

We were able to propose a legal system which involved full management and care of the properties under contract, as if the property portfolio had already been sold to us and were our own, until the formalities of the purchase completed some years later.  Since these two flats were part of a larger property portfolio, most of which were in a healthier equity position, our proposal was well structured and viable.

Selling Your Property Portfolio – There is Always a Solution

Would a solution like that help you sell, even if your property portfolio was worth less than the debt secured against it? If so, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to discuss the details with you further.

If you’re asking if it’s time to sell your property portfolio, but thought you couldn’t – now is the time to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.




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