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How to Find a Single Buyer for your Property Portfolio

Fergus and Judith Wilson…much has been written about them of late, they have even been dubbed Britain’s ‘buy to let king and queen’. Having toyed with the idea of selling their huge property portfolio for several years they are now realising their exit strategy and dismantling their empire to cash in.

News first began to emerge of the couple’s plans to sell their property portfolio back in 2008. Many property investors will remember this year with little fondness. The financial crisis was truly upon us and, like many, even the Wilsons were up against it and seemed trapped by their portfolio.


Finding a Single Buyer for a Buy to Let Property Portfolio

Quite simply, they struggled then to find a single buyer; and even now they are forced into selling their portfolio off in smaller blocks and chunks. A time consuming process.

Like the majority of property investors looking to sell a portfolio, the Wilsons have mortgages to settle and a hefty Capital Gains Tax bill. They hope to walk away with a healthy profit at the end of the day, but still, imagine how much simpler life (and profitable) the disposal could be if they had a single buyer and a strategy to mitigate their CGT.

The Wilsons have recovered from the financial crisis that occurred and left many property investors high and dry, but what if you have not been so fortunate? What if you are in a position where an exit strategy seems impossible, or too costly to consider, but you want to close the door on property portfolio ownership?


What if Selling Your Property Portfolio….

Maybe you just want to maximise the return on those years of hard work… wouldn’t reducing your CGT liability be a boon if it were possible?

What if the Wilsons knew that there was an alternative, that they could find a single buyer, that there could be one straightforward transaction and a way of minimising their CGT liability? What if they had known of a way to have disposed of their portfolio whilst it was in a less than healthy position? Would they have taken it?

Of course neither we, nor you, can answer for the Wilsons but what if you stop and consider these questions of yourself? What would your answer be?

If you are thinking “can I sell my property portfolio?” then we would like to suggest that the answer could be a resounding “Yes”.

The best way to find out is to make contact with us today…..

Are You a Professional with a Property Portfolio?

Many of the landlords contacting us through our website are professional people, successful in their chosen career, but with neither penchant nor passion for property.  Does that sound like you?

Your Personal Experience?

Your personal experience may have reinforced the fact that owning a property portfolio is not as passive as it was sold to be. In other words, property portfolio ownership becomes, for many professionals, a distraction. The reason for this is quite simple: without the proper attention and focus, a property portfolio can become an unwelcome dictator of expenditure rather than a desired generator of passive income. It’s difficult to pay proper attention to a career, and a to property portfolio at the same time.

Having bought at the height of the market, some professionals own property portfolios which give them little wriggle room. Selling through an estate agent who deals with single units is not an option.

One doctor we were chatting with recently had a portfolio of 4 flats in good areas but was suffering from high agent fees, stagnant values and poor tenant management. This toxic cocktail created a debilitating headache, which impacted heavily on her quality of life. We were delighted to be able to help with a simple but effective ‘pain-killer’ strategy.

If You are a Professional With a Property Portfolio

If you find that your property portfolio is taking away your peace of mind, and causing distraction or headache then please get in touch.

We buy property portfolios conventionally, as do many other investor landlords. We do not, however, believe, that one pill cures all. That’s why we use a range of buying strategies that could be the perfect solution for your headache. Negative equity, poor tenant management and cash-flow neutral or negative property portfolios are not necessarily a problem for us.

To discover more about the options open to you simply call 0191 372 9949 or email us on

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