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Portfolio Pressure No More! And Some Warm Words

Nikki came to us in the middle of 2015 with a portfolio of 4. She knew we specialised in buying problem portfolios, and wanted to test us out.  The properties she brought us must have been the four ugly ducklings of property investment…One needed a complete refurbishment, another had a huge monthly mortgage and there was a solid case of negative equity with minimal cashflow…

After some discussion and a preliminary, ugly offer for the four ducklings, Nikki confessed to a much larger property portfolio and put most of it on the table. Now we had 15 properties to consider, with a geographic spread of 300 miles. This was much more interesting!

A new offer was put together in short time and paperwork was signed in July 2015. We now have full management of the portfolio, with contracts in place that allow us to complete the purchase process at a future date.

For Nikki, our method released some up-front equity almost immediately and without the cumbersome and less efficient conventional sales process. Moving the property portfolio on also gave Nikki needed space and freedom to focus on her booming IT business and family life.

During a recent conversation about the portfolio I asked Nikki how she felt things were going and if she were to write a few words about the sale of her property portfolio, what would she like to say?

Warm Words for the Team at Sell My Property Portfolio

Here is how she replied:

“I have been working with Mark and the team at Sell My Property Portfolio and Welcome Homes now for over 6 months. I decided to lease to sell a portfolio of 15 properties and since I made that decision, they have made the whole process incredibly easy.

Mark and his team have done everything possible to make my life easy, including ensuring that my legal costs were as low as possible and contacting all of my Letting Agents and tenants about the change in management to save me the effort. They also spent a lot of time with me throughout the contracting process and we happy to answer lots of my naive questions and concerns to put my mind at ease.

I have found everyone at Sell My Property Portfolio to be refreshingly open, honest and fair in all of their dealings with me and can recommend them 100% to anyone thinking of selling some or all of their portfolio.”

Nikki A. – Solihull

How to Find a Single Buyer for your Property Portfolio

Fergus and Judith Wilson…much has been written about them of late, they have even been dubbed Britain’s ‘buy to let king and queen’. Having toyed with the idea of selling their huge property portfolio for several years they are now realising their exit strategy and dismantling their empire to cash in.

News first began to emerge of the couple’s plans to sell their property portfolio back in 2008. Many property investors will remember this year with little fondness. The financial crisis was truly upon us and, like many, even the Wilsons were up against it and seemed trapped by their portfolio.


Finding a Single Buyer for a Buy to Let Property Portfolio

Quite simply, they struggled then to find a single buyer; and even now they are forced into selling their portfolio off in smaller blocks and chunks. A time consuming process.

Like the majority of property investors looking to sell a portfolio, the Wilsons have mortgages to settle and a hefty Capital Gains Tax bill. They hope to walk away with a healthy profit at the end of the day, but still, imagine how much simpler life (and profitable) the disposal could be if they had a single buyer and a strategy to mitigate their CGT.

The Wilsons have recovered from the financial crisis that occurred and left many property investors high and dry, but what if you have not been so fortunate? What if you are in a position where an exit strategy seems impossible, or too costly to consider, but you want to close the door on property portfolio ownership?


What if Selling Your Property Portfolio….

Maybe you just want to maximise the return on those years of hard work… wouldn’t reducing your CGT liability be a boon if it were possible?

What if the Wilsons knew that there was an alternative, that they could find a single buyer, that there could be one straightforward transaction and a way of minimising their CGT liability? What if they had known of a way to have disposed of their portfolio whilst it was in a less than healthy position? Would they have taken it?

Of course neither we, nor you, can answer for the Wilsons but what if you stop and consider these questions of yourself? What would your answer be?

If you are thinking “can I sell my property portfolio?” then we would like to suggest that the answer could be a resounding “Yes”.

The best way to find out is to make contact with us today…..

Are You Thinking, ‘I Want to Sell My Property Portfolio’?

Have you ever found yourself thinking, ‘I want to sell my property portfolio… but I’m not sure which is the best way to do that’?

We all reach a certain stage in life where we are ready to kick back, relax and enjoy the benefits of all our hard work and selling a property portfolio can be a great way to accomplish this.  However, when the time comes for you to sell a property portfolio you may feel like you can’t. One of the reasons may be a capital gains tax bill which could quickly drown the profit from selling your property portfolio! What if it were possible to sell your property portfolio and legally mitigate your tax liability by following a planned, staged disposal? Of course, if you wanted a clean break then the buyer would need to manage and carry the responsibility for the portfolio until the staged purchase was completed.

We can help you sell your property portfolio with the minimum of fuss and a maximum return simply by staggering the disposal over an agreed time period.

Whether your property portfolio is modest or massive, we can help with planned strategies and systems that can unlock the most from your property.

What We at Sell My Property Portfolio Can Do for You

Firstly, we listen. Then, we will present a draft strategy – a disposal or sale plan. Of course, we will likely be the buyers. Our proposal may outline a flexible agreement which allows for a future planned, structured sale, if that works best for you. In the meantime, a management agreement betweeen us serves to relieve you of the everyday challenging landlord responsibilities you may prefer to be free of.

At this point the skeptic in you may be thinking. “Hmm, sounds a bit too good to be true if you ask me…” We would understand you thinking that. Look at it this way: Anything we are contracted to buy at a future time is treated as our own investment property from day one. That is a huge advantage. And because you are giving the advantage of time to us, we are highly motivated to make that time work for all of us. It’s much more than even the best lettings agents could offer.

We have touched on just one aspect of how looking at the sale of your property portfolio a little differently can bring huge benefits, but there are many more. Why not contact us via our form or call for a confidential chat about the options open to you.


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