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The problem with property is that it's not always as easy to sell as it is to buy... We specialise in helping property people move on. We buy any property portfolio, in any condition, in any part of the UK. Contact us today!

Are You Thinking, Can I Sell My Property Portfolio?

Selling Your Property Portfolio?

If the question ‘How can I sell my investment property portfolio?’ is one you have been toying with, then please contact us. We are rental property portfolio investors and landlords with many years of practical experience. Our parent company is actively acquiring property portfolios anywhere in the UK, up to 750 units per property portfolio.

We buy both perfect and problem rental portfolios. Even if your investment properties are in a poor state of repair, have negative equity, are spread geographically or your tenants are sometimes difficult to manage, we would still very much like to hear from you.

We guarantee to be fair and straight-forward, and hold to a no-nonsense and transparent approach at all times.

Sell My Property Portfolio? Why?

We understand why landlords want to sell investment property portfolios. With the new tax regime already introduced in 2017 non-corporate owners of rental portfolios are considering their options, with many more seeking an exit from the rental market. We are confident that whatever your personal reason for selling, we can make a fair offer that works for you. You may be surprised with an offer better than you had thought possible.

People sell property portfolios to us for all sorts of reasons. Typically though there has been a change in attitude, circumstances or income.  Quite simply the portfolio has become a burden for them, or is just no longer part of the plan. Perhaps you see yourself in that, or some of the other common motivating factors below?

  • Change of career
  • Tired of dealing with tenants
  • Impending impact of ‘Section 24′
  • Needed improvements too costly
  • Excessive management costs
  • Retirement
  • Emigration

I Want to Sell My Property Portfolio, But I’m Unsure I Can…

Some of the landlords we talk to say they feel trapped and although they would love to sell, circumstance seems to be working against them. We have dealt with the most diverse range of property portfolios over the years, from 2 to 220 units, and from remote Northumberland to affluent Kent, and from beautiful Wales to the industrial heartlands of the North East. We are confident we can help you.

If You Want to Sell, We Want to Buy!

Why not get in touch for a free review of the options available to you? Simply complete the brief form below and we’ll start exploring the best way to sell your property portfolio.

Our offer includes a scheduled call. We are also happy to meet face to face at your convenience. During this initial consultation we will be focussed on what you want to achieve with the sale of your property portfolio and how best to get there.

We will openly share our insight on potential solutions tailored to you, and explore how we may be able to help you. That is probably going to come in the form of an offer from us to buy your property portfolio. You are never under any obligation to sell to us, we don’t charge fees – ever.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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